Since the start of the farm in 1998 sustainability has been our core commitment in all our operations.

  • Forest
  • Recycling
  • Safety standards

Environmental conservation and the wellbeing of the workers is a key guide in selecting our growing methods and technology for the rose flowers. Modern growing methods that employ best practices in crop husbandry and environmental sustenance are used. Water harvesting, conservation of wetlands in the farm, and water recycling ensure we source substantial requirement of our water from within the farm.

The capacity to recycle 100% of our irrigation water ensures no nitrates or other chemicals are leached into the environment and by growing in artificial media, no phosphates are eroded into the water masses.

Well established integrated biological pest control methods minimize the use of harmful chemicals. We train our staff and ensure protective equipment’s are provided and used by all workers to minimize exposure of any hazard.

Our workforce mainly comprises of women, who operate from their homes in the neighboring villages. The employment created by our farm has uplifted the standards of living in the neighborhood hence our harmonious coexistence.

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