At Branan flowers we view and understand CSR as an investment to the future, not only for our benefit but to the benefit of the community and the country as a whole.

At Branan Flower farm we understand the importance of better managing our natural resources. It is for this reason we recycle 100% of the irrigational water through the hydroponic system. In our growing we use biologicals to control our pests.

We strongly believe in taking good care of our staff; that is why we have invested on an onsite clinic with a well-trained and qualified clinical officer. The clinic is open to all our staff and is completely free. We have also invested on an onsite canteen that offers meals at subsidized prices, to all our staff.

We have devoted ourselves to making learning easier for the pupils at Thumuru Primary School through;

  • Providing desks and chairs
  • Building a water tank

Concreated and plaster the floor and the walls respectively

  • Taking care of the school compound
  • Building and repairing the washrooms

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